Traditionally, most Brides choose for their Father to walk them down the aisle and to formally give them away, and if your Father has in fact been a major influence in your life, then that’s the way it should be. It is one of the most special and rewarding moments in a Father’s life.

 But there is no legal requirement for this to be so.

 Due to your own personal circumstances you may wish to have another special person perform this role of walking you down the aisle; Your Mother, Step Father, Brother or Sister, Son or Daughter .

There is also a moment within your ceremony where the Celebrant performs what’s called ‘The asking’ the moment where I would ask ‘Who brings the Bride (By name) to be married to Groom (By name), this can be the same person who walked you down the aisle or in fact you may wish for both yours and your fiancee’s (soon to be husbands) parents to give their combined consent to your marriage.

You may simply be a more mature Bride or a young lady who has already made her way in the world and feel that there is no need to seek anyone’s blessing. The choice is yours.