One of the biggest gambles a Bride and Groom can take is to not have a backup ceremony location on standby in case it rains.As your Celebrant I will always try to perform your ceremony at your primary location but for those of us who live on the coast, we know the weather is not always full of sunshine, in fact it does rain quite regularly.

I have performed ceremonies where the Groom optimistically says; it’s not going to rain and in most cases that’s true but it is very naïve to think it never does and that it never will rain because that’s not correct.Your primary concern should be you ‘The Bride & Groom’ and of course your guests because you don’t want to end up like a pair of drowned rats on your wedding day but for each of the service providers you have booked, Videographer, Photographer, Musicians etc. they have quite expensive gear on them; camera’s and musical instruments whilst in my case I have a PA system to consider.I truly hope the sun will shine on your Wedding Day, but it’s always best to be prepared.