My Celebrant life involves not only sharing a couples joy in Marriage , it also includes helping those who have lost someone dear to them through ill health, an accident, old age or misadventure.    Unfortunately death brings with it many strong emotions, such as sadness, anger, sometimes guilt, loneliness, etc. As a funeral Celebrant I have chosen to help walk grieving people through this very difficult period, taking the time to understand there personal situation and heartache; and to offer them compassion in there time of need.    I do this so I understand there loss and to ensure we honour their loved ones life with dignity and respect whilst also making sure I have enough information to celebrate their life; who they were, why they are loved and what they achieved.   Through our discussions, there will be tears, and yes there will be laughter as funny stories are recalled. This is a conversation that helps those left behind to grieve and reflect.   Q. Can you choose your own funeral Celebrant?   A. Yes you can.   All you need to do is contact me direct on 0415 335341 or just advise your funeral director that you would like to use my services and they will arrange this for you.