“I will ensure that the ceremony I conduct, will flow correctly and be presented in a way that informs, honours and respects your loved ones contribution to society and family.”

Kenneth Livingstone 0415 335 341

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Our initial contact will more than likely be at your nominated house, we will basically discuss your loved one’s life, from childhood through adulthood, marriage, family, working career, service to country, voluntary contribution etc. right through until their time of passing.

We will discuss;

  • The Eulogy
  • Poems
  • Family readings
  • Prayers
    (And who you would like to create and read these important contributions to the service)

In addition we will discuss;

  • Music and when you would like this played through the service

At the conclusion of the service you will receive a folder that will contain the Ceremony presented at the service.

If you would like make contact, please go to the ‘Contact Me‘ page in this website to send an email or find my phone number.