Kenneth is the first and only celebrant Em and I spoke to for our wedding, and from our first meeting we knew we didn’t have to look any further.

Kenneth was organised, professional, genuine, calm, patient, confident, trusting, fun, and thorough, and single-handedly ensured our ceremony was effortlessly stress-free. His guidance allowed both of us to thoroughly enjoy our ceremony, with heartfelt laughs and love.

Prior to our wedding, Kenneth was on top of everything. He kept us on point and on track. He was able to take the entire ceremony off our hands, took us through everything he’d planned in person and we always felt free to make any changes we wanted. He offered a multitude of different personalised symbolic expressions, favours and keepsakes of love and commitment as a part of the ceremony, many of which we’d never heard of before, yet alone considered. We chose to have a ring-warming ceremony, and it was fantastic having all our guests involved in such a hands-on way (and the guests loved it too!).

The showpiece, however, was the stunning couple of passages Kenneth spun from the 5 special words we’d each secretly provided to him about the other before the wedding. I was able to review my half to Em, which was spookily accurate, but when I finally got to hear Em’s it felt as though she was speaking directly to me. It was a truly memorable moment.

We opted to have a rehearsal with Kenneth the day before the wedding where he took us through all the motions (including common pitfalls to avoid) which certainly eased my nerves for the day. Even with members of the bridal party arriving at the end of rehearsal, Ken took the time to repeat everything to ensure everyone knew what they needed to know.

Kenneth additionally took a number of last minute changes and curveballs completely in stride. This included everything from me requesting an extra passage for the ceremony to a change in location due to rain. Ken even put his body on the line, standing with a wet back to the rain, to ensure Emily and I had enough space under our wet-weather alternative.

Kenneth carries himself with the presence of a man who has been performing ceremonies for a hundred years, and will be performing them for a hundred more, and enjoys each and every one.

Many thanks Kenneth for making our dream ceremony come true.