As the Bride and Groom you need to ask yourselves some very important questions.

  • Are you nervous about what you need to do on your Wedding Day?
  • Is your Bridal Party nervous about what’s expected of them?
  • Do you need to give consideration to Page Boys and Flower Girls?
  • Is your music long enough to walk you and your Bridesmaids down the aisle?
  • Is the chosen parent who is giving you away, nervous about what’s expected ofthem?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it sounds like you should have a rehearsal to put your mind at rest and remove those nerves you hold or the rehearsal may simply be what you expect to do as part of your whole wedding experience.

You may be a really chilled out couple who feel confident that your Celebrant is experienced enough to put your minds at ease or you might not be overly phased should something not go exactly to plan.

When giving consideration to a rehearsal, be sure to check with your Celebrant if the fee quoted includes a rehearsal or that they have quoted an additional rehearsal fee up front.

From my experience I feel the rehearsal is most beneficial for all involved but having said that I have also performed ceremonies where a rehearsal didn’t take place and all went well.

The final decision is yours..