Your wedding day is such a beautiful occasion where the Bride’s Mother’s involvement can sometimes be restricted to helping with the pre wedding organisation, helping to choose your wedding gown, seat placement and of course her own special dress for your wedding day. The Groom’s Mother can sometimes miss out on a lot of the pre wedding organisation aside from choosing her own special dress, therefore leaving her feeling a little isolated.

The following suggestions may enable you to involve your Mother’s in the following ways.

They can be asked to;

  • Read a special poem or religious prayer.
  • Precede your Bridal Walk with a beautiful candle lighting ceremony.
  • They may be involved in a special remembrance.
  • Have them bring forward your wedding rings.
  • You may choose to have them sign as your witnesses to your marriage.


The above involvement is a beautiful way to make these two special people in your lives, feel truly special.