As we all know; photography provides us with many beautiful memories but it is also your attention to detail that makes the photography amazing. Like your beautiful wedding gown, the Bridal Party’s outfits, the gorgeous flowers you hold and the table and chair covering at your reception. These are the accessories that you along with your family and friends will admire when you are married, and looking back upon this special day through the eyes of a camera lense.

A small but very special feature of your wedding day is when you are signing the marriage register and your marriage certificate. Your photographer in most cases is looking for that magic shot as you both sign the documents with your pen in hand. The pen is important so make sure your attention is in the detail.

I am happy to say that I can provide you with a choice of three pens that may suit your taste.

A beautiful white feathered pen on a brass chaise lounge base


A stunning white Swarovski crystal pen on a white stand.


Another copper coloured Swarovski crystal pen on a brass chaise lounge base.


Should these not be to your taste, you may prefer to use a pen of your own that holds special significance.

  Happy Signing